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JCI Celebrates 100th Anniversary

JCI Celebrates 100th Anniversary


The JCI Movement started on October 13, 1915 by one active citizen who had a passion for positive change.
Since then, millions of other young active citizens have united to create sustainable impact in their communities.
As we embark on an exciting future, we must take time to remember our past. Each year of the
JCI Movement takes us one step closer to better communities and a better world. Join us
for the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement: Celebrating 100 Years of Impact.

JCI is a global organization of 200,000 young active citizens that grew out of the vision of one man nearly 100 years ago to create sustainable solutions to community challenges. Founded in 1915 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA by Henry Giessenbier Jr., the movement of taking local action for global impact spread across borders becoming an international organization in 1944. Since then, JCI members around the globe have collaborated on projects ranging from assisting refugees, providing medical care, advancing education and promoting equality. Young active citizens continue to fuel the JCI Movement and take grassroots action for positive change sustaining our legacy of impact.
The celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement will connect young active citizens across local,
national and global communities. The JCI 100th Anniversary will highlight the positive change created
by JCI members, partners and friends throughout the past 100 years and empower
young people to take action for sustainable impact for the next 100 years.

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