Meetings - 1st Thursday every Month, 7:30pm at Mixin Mingle, Woodstock, IL

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Who Can Be A Jaycee?

The answer is simple, anyone.

Jaycees come from all sectors of society. They are individuals who are invested in the future of our world; they are active citizens who want to make a positive change by donating their time and talents. Members on average give 4 hours of their time per month to attend the general meeting, socials, and one committee meeting or project execution. General members comprise of members aged 18-40 while associate members are anyone over the age of 40.

Why become a Jaycee?

Again, the answer is simple, the opportunities.

JCI Woodstock IL provides you the opportunity to better the community; the opportunity to network with other community members. Opportunity for development through training, seminars, skill shares and competitions. Our members also receive discounts from many national companies. You can click here or a listing of these discounts.

Where being a Jaycee can take you

Personal Development




Personal Development is one of the main areas of JCI. We are the premier leadership training and community involvement organization dedicated to fostering leadership skills and personal development through projects.

Are you looking to expand your network? How about grow your business? We strive to provide value to our members with contact with other business owners and entrepreneurs, especially with our close working relationship with the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Embodying the line of the Jaycee Creed that states, “Service to humanity is the best work of life,” this area includes the many community service projects our chapter organizes each year.

Every November, members from across the globe come together for the peak of the JCI year at JCI World Congress. At this global forum international officers will be elected for the upcoming year. JCI Members also explore ideas for international initiatives and recognize the achievements of outstanding active citizens. With JCI in more than 100 countries and territories, members have the opportunity to meet fellow citizens from highly diverse backgrounds. JCI Members will share experiences and find new ways to create positive change on both local and global levels.

Why I am a Jaycee

How Do I Become a Jaycee?

Step 1: Meet Us

Come to a social, meeting or event to get to know the chapter and its members. Our monthly general meeting is held the 1st Thursday of every month 7:30pm at the Mixin Mingle on the Historic Woodstock Square. You can find more information about upcoming events here.

Step 3: Pay Membership Dues

Dues for membership are $75 a year but don't worry we make sure you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Step 4: Get Involved

Now that you are a member all you need to do is come to meetings, chair projects and make a difference all while having fun.